Book Review: 9 Things Successful People Do Differently

Another month, another book! This time we started our year off with a super easy read to get everyone caught up on our reading list.

This palm sized book packs a huge punch & packs way more information than you'd think at first glance.

9 Things Successful People Do Differently by Heidi Grant Halvorson*

9 Things Successful People Do Differently 

This book is so great because it's short and sweet but helps you put to use 9 habits that are common among some of the most successful individuals. It also gives you examples & tasks to do to help adopt those habits. 

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So here are the 9 things you can do too:
1. Get Specific
2. Seize The Moment to Act on Your Goals
3. Know Exactly How Far You Have Left to Go
4. Be a Realistic Optimist
5. Focus on Getting Better, Rather Than Being Good
6. Have Grit
7. Build Your Willpower Muscle
8. Don't Tempt Fate
9. Focus on What You Will Do, Not What You Won't Do

It's such a small (but incredibly useful) so I don't want to break these down further as I want to encourage you to instead, read the book! We loved this one & think it's just a great resource for anyone to have.

We rate this a 5/5 4 stars4 stars
Since it's such an easy read & houses a ton of information in it's pages, we think this is a must read for everyone. If you aren't a book person, maybe start here. This book leaves you feeling informed & motivated. It has great

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