#ArtYourself : The Intro

Our community was created with the simple belief that you can overcome your circumstances & create yourself and your life. You can grow through your darkness, design a life you love & be your own masterpiece. You are art. 

We are taking this belief into action & introducing our newest adventure: #artyourself challengesHere's where you learn the art of self creation. 

What is in it for you:

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Here's how it works:

If you'd like to participate in the challenges, simply join our closed Facebook group (here) & start with the Introduction unit to get all the details.

Once each challenge starts, a new unit will open up & you simply work through each unit until you complete the challenge. 

With each unit, you will have access to printable checklists/PDF's to help you along the way.

Upon completion of each challenge, you will receive your promo code via email & an entry into that months giveaway.

We will also end each month with a PDF to keep you going beyond each challenge.

It's that simple!

Join here

We want to build a community for women to thrive. We will continue to add different ways to help you build a life you love. 
You can check out the list below of all the different areas we want to help you make changes & create yourself. Paint yourself however you'd like. You are your biggest masterpiece.

In addition to our new #artyourself group, we also have a blog & book club. Inventory will be added by the end of January so you can use your promo codes. We also have plans for a podcast, YouTube channel, publishing, an app & MORE. So stay tuned & grow with us!

The Art of:
Reinventing Yourself
Goal Setting & Goal Getting
Letting Go
Self Care
Body Language
Controlling Your Emotions
Finding Mentors
Building Your Beliefs
Choosing Your Attitude
Changing Your Vibe
Being Unfuckwithable

If there's a particular area you're most interested in, or you have a challenge you'd like to suggest we add, send us an email.
We will add you to our mailing list & let you know when that challenge is announced. 

Join our Group to begin the introduction unit, available soon.

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  • I love this idea of ‘art yourself’! A great metaphor


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